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What is ReGirlfriend?Updated 17 days ago

ReGirlfriend, powered by SuperCircle, is our garment recycling program that takes back Girlfriend and non-Girlfriend brand clothing and rewards you with store credit.

We first launched ReGirlfriend in 2019 in an effort to keep Girlfriend Collective as circular as possible. But circularity goes far beyond the Girlfriend world. In partnership with SuperCircle, we're now able to reward you for keeping clothes from any brand away from the landfill, on top of still turning your old Girlfriend into new Girlfriend of course.

How does it work?

We take back clothes from ANY brand and given their condition, we either recycle them or upcycle them into new Girlfriend clothes.

We offer $10 credit (per item) of Girlfriend brand clothes or $5 credit (per item) for non-Girlfriend brand clothes. Simply create an account, start a takeback, and get your free shipping label to send back your old stuff.

Please note that you may only redeem credits up to 30% off your order total. For example, if your order total is $100 and you have a total of $50 in SuperCircle credits, you may only redeem a maximum amount of $30 in credits.

Who can participate in the ReGirlfriend program?

Sorry, international friends — this program is only available in the US for now. We hope to expand in the future, so stay tuned!

What can I send in?

We accept any items in any condition whether that be stained, ripped, or broken. We just ask that you launder everything before sending it our way. Once received, we'll sort and recycle your items for a second life — from new textiles to new projects, including furniture batting, insulation, and padding — sending nothing to landfill.

For a full breakdown, check out the SuperCircle recycling page here.

How many items can I send in?

You can send in multiple items at a time. In fact, we encourage you to consider recycling more than one item at a time. All you have to do is click all the items you want to recycle and select them all to initiate recycling. Please note that you can only have one active recycling shipment at a time — once we receive the shipment and it is processed, then you can initiate a new recycling process.

How long do I have to ship my goods once I initiate the recycling process?

Once you have initiated the recycling process and downloaded your shipping label, you have 30 days to ship your goods. If goods are not shipped within the allotted time, you have to reinitiate the recycling process and download a new label.

How long does it take for my ReGirlfriend/SuperCircle credit to arrive?

• Once you initiate the recycling process, you will receive a prepaid shipping label in your SuperCircle Account and via email.
• Drop off your shipment with your prepaid shipping label.
• Once your shipment has been dropped off, you will receive your recycling credit in your SuperCircle account.
• You'll receive credits for each item you recycle.

How many ReGirlfriend/SuperCircle credits can I use on an order?

You may use one SuperCircle code (i.e. credit) on a single purchase. Your SuperCircle credit cannot be combined with any other credits, discount codes, or loyalty points.

How much do I have to spend to use my ReGirlfriend/SuperCircle credit?

Your promo code value (credit value) will be worth 30% off your next order. For example, if your order is $100, you can redeem up to $30 in credits. 

Does my ReGirlfriend/SuperCircle credit expire?

Never — that’s the best part.

What if I return a purchase in which SuperCircle credits were used?

SuperCircle credits are one-time use and are not refilled should you return your purchase partially or in full.

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