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How do I find my size?

Fit Tips:Our size guide is a general guideline for helping you find your Girlfriend size. You can check it out here with your measurements handy. If you're between sizes, we suggest sizing down for a more compressive fit, or sizing up for a more rela

Do you have fit suggestions for my body type?

Wider ribcage, small cups:. Luxe Bras. FLOAT Bras. Go with true bust size in Compressive styles. Small ribcage, large cups:. Luxe Bras. FLOAT Bras. Avoid longline Compressive styles or go with one size down (sizing down will result in a more compress

Are your garments true to size?

The short answer is yes. We design our garments to fit true to size and we work hard to ensure everything has the best fit for the widest range of body types. But all bodies are different so we do our best to take your feedback to improve the fit, cu

How do I find my measurements?

How do I find my measurements?.

Do all colors fit and feel the same?

You may notice some of our colors have a different hand-feel. Each color goes through a unique dyeing and brushing process, which results in some feeling a little stretchier than others — but rest assured, all of our colors carry the same durability,