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When are you restocking?Updated 8 months ago

This is a tricky one.

We have certain collections that are a part of our core Girlfriend product line, which we restock periodically. (Unfortunately, we don’t have set dates for our restocks, but we try to let you know as soon as we get word.)

Our Essential colors (Black, Moss, Midnight, Plum and Earth) are restocked year-round.

For our seasonal limited color collections, we rarely (if ever) restock them. As a slow fashion company, we produce these limited color collections in smaller quantities to avoid overproduction (because waste is gross and there’s nothing more wasteful than overproduction). We try to restock if there’s a demand, but the health of our planet and the people who make your clothes come first. So, if an item you like is in stock in your size and color, get it while it’s hot — and, you know, available.

If you see an item you want out of stock on the site, simply click the “JOIN WAITLIST” button on the product page. This will automatically sign you up for notifications should this product ever come back into stock. 

P.S. You may notice some of our core styles don’t restock for a while. We get that it can be a bummer, but please rest assured we are on it! Everything just takes a bit more time since we don’t keep excess fabric on hand. For example, our windbreakers take up to 6 months to produce, but as soon as we realize we’re sold out, we place that order! 

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