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What is BioCompressive?Updated 10 months ago

What is BioCompressive? How is it different from Compressive?

We’re so glad you asked. It has the same look and feel as our Compressive fabric, only it’s treated with a new cutting edge technology developed by our friends at CiCLO® that allows the fibers in synthetic clothes to behave like natural fibers (most comparable to wool) when they break down. The result? All the qualities you love about Compressive (maximum hold, moisture-wicking, durable, and squat-proof, to name a few) in a product that is able to break down and return to the earth in the same way a natural fiber does. That means little microfibers that shed in the wash (that aren’t captured by the filtering system you definitely have, right?) break down over a shorter amount of time, resulting in less trash in our oceans and landfills.

Are you making all Compressive pieces BioCompressive now?

The short answer: We’re not 100% sure yet. Our business has always been about giving our community what they want, whether that be styles/colors they’ve been asking for or a new sustainable option for different categories of clothes. If a product or style doesn’t resonate with our community, we scratch it or work tirelessly to make it the best it can be — after all, why make something that’s not exactly what you want? We’re excited to see how our community responds to BioCompressive. If you love it as much as we do, yes, we absolutely plan to make most or all of our Compressive products BioCompressive.

Why is it more expensive?

The price point of our BioCompressive and BioWoven pieces reflect the cost of treating our pieces with the CiCLO® technology. 

Is it fully biodegradable?

Almost. The CiCLO® research found that products treated with their technology were able to break down similarly to a natural fiber (most comparable to wool). That means it’s 1) able to break down much better and return to the earth and 2) does so in a much shorter amount of time than a synthetic fiber. 

How do I care for these responsibly? Can I wash these without a wash bag/microfiber filter?

We recommend caring for these just like you care for our Compressive pieces. We always recommend you use a filtering bag or microfiber filter when washing your clothes. But even with these filters in place (even if they’re 99% effective), that 1% of particles that evade the filter and enter the water stream is able to break down and keep our oceans that much cleaner. 

How do I responsibly dispose of these when I’m done? Can I still ReGirlfriend them?

Bio pieces aren’t eligible for ReGirlfriend. When you’re done loving your Bio pieces, we encourage you to resell or donate them. This fabric is designed to last a long, long time and return to the earth way down the road. So go ahead and give them another life — they deserve it. 

How do new technologies like CiCLO® drive change within (and beyond) Girlfriend? 

The Bio Collection not only cleans up the clothes we are making at Girlfriend, but it helps us move towards our bigger goal: of cleaning up the plastic-polluted activewear industry as a whole. Applying a new technology like CiCLO® is a multi-step process for us: 

  • First, we add it to a new collection (hello, Bio) where we can show how the technology works over a period of time, from quality to durability. 
  • From there, we introduce this technology into more and more Girlfriend products. Your purchase acts as a bold “vote” for more CiCLO® products and further innovations. 
  • We hope that we (with your help) show that sustainable solutions like Bio don’t compromise on style, comfort, or performance – other mills we work with, and other brands in the industry, adopt similar practices and commit to shortening the plastic lifespans in their products. 

It’s a ripple effect, and you’re part of it. By buying Bio, you are helping us make innovations like CiCLO® the standard. Which moves us towards a cleaner industry, and a cleaner planet.”

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