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What do I get for joining The Collective?Updated a month ago

Aside from our lifelong friendship, you’ll receive 25 points instantly upon sign up. As you earn more, you’ll become eligible for things like free shipping, early access, and exclusive gifts. Ooh.

If you haven't already, simply sign up here and start earning points today.

Note that taxes, duties, and amounts covered by a gift card do not count towards your spend amount or your redeemable point balance.

Does my Loyalty Tier status expire?

Once you’ve earned your tier, you will retain that tier for 12 months. To maintain your tier status you will need to spend the minimum amount required for that tier before your 12 months are up to requalify. If a member does not requalify for their previously held tier, they will be moved to the tier they are eligible for at the end of the 12 month period.

For example: If you earn Sage on 8/1/23, you will have to place orders totaling $450+ before 8/1/24 or you will be moved to the appropriate tier. 

Do my points expire?

Your points will only expire if we haven’t registered any activity (like sending your referral link, completing a referral, placing an order, posting a review, or creating an account) on your account for 12 months.

How do I get my free gift for entering Jade and Sage?

If you recently hit our Jade or Sage Tier (congrats!), you’ll receive extra points in your account after you’ve passed the return date of your most recent purchase.

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