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What is Refer a Friend?

Refer a Friend is our referral program that allows you to share a code with friends and receive a free Compressive High-Rise Legging or Compressive Mid-Rise Legging after they buy. Just use your personalized link to give your friend 30% off their fir

Why didn't I receive points for my review?

Only reviews that are placed through our review request email will count towards your point balance. This is an email that will arrive about 30 days after you've placed an order. Only reviews placed directly through our website will not give you any

How do I submit a Photo Review?

About 30 days after you've placed an order, you will receive a review request email in your inbox. Please note that you will only receive one review request per order, not per item. After you submit your written review via the email, you will be redi

How do I redeem my points?

*Please note, that you may not apply a reward that covers more than your order value. The Collective points and discounts cannot be stacked unless otherwise specified.

How does #goodjobgf work?

#goodjobgf is our initiative to get Girlfriends doing good. Tag us in an IG of yourself wearing Girlfriend and doing something good for the earth using the hashtag #goodjobgf. We update #goodjobgf points monthly, so allow for some time for your point

What counts towards my 200 points bonus?

You'll receive a 200-point bonus for every 5 orders you place that have a minimum order value of $125 each. You can track your progress for this reward on your account homepage under "Reward History".

Can I use my rewards and discounts all at once?

Sorry, we don’t allow code stacking in a single order. This means you can only use one discount code or reward point offer on a single purchase. However, you can use either a discount code or a reward point offer with a gift card.

Will I get my points back if I return my purchase?

If you return your entire purchase, the points you used on that order will be returned to your account within 1-2 business days from the day you receive your refund confirmation email. Please note that if your points/reward covers more than your orde

What does “lifetime spend” mean?

This is the total amount you’ve spent on girlfriend.com to date on un-returned purchases. As you spend more (or earn more points), you’ll unlock new tiers and rewards. Please note any points earned from returned purchases will be deducted from your r

Will my past purchases count toward my Girlfriend status?

That’s the best part — all of your past un-returned purchases will count towards your lifetime spend and point balance in your Collective account. These also don't expire. Any points earned from returned purchases will be deducted from your redeemabl

What do I get for joining The Collective?

Aside from our unconditional friendship, you’ll receive 25 points instantly upon sign up. As you earn more, you’ll become eligible for things like free shipping, early access, and exclusive gifts. Ooh. If you haven't already, simply sign up here and