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When will my order arrive?

In order to limit the distance your items travel and avoid extra CO2, we keep our goods consolidated in a fulfillment center near our main factory, then ship out from there. (Rather than shipping everything from our SA8000-certified factory in Vietna

Where do you ship?

We are happy to offer free shipping on orders of $100 or more. If you live in the US, shipping is $7; if you are outside the US, shipping will be $12. All Sage and Jade members of The Collective enjoy free shipping on all orders. ;). We currently off

Can I make changes to my order after it's been placed?

Once your order is placed, we are unable to make any changes, including address changes, item changes, or cancelation requests. If you need an address change on your package, we recommend reaching out to the carrier to update your shipping informatio

What does "pre-shipment" mean?

“Pre-shipment” and "on its way" is postal service lingo that, in our case, means your order is going through customs. So if you see “pre-shipment” on your tracking page, don’t fret — your order is on its way and tracking will update within the next c

What does "pre-order" mean? When will it ship?

If an item is listed as “pre-order,” it means that we haven’t received it into our warehouse yet. As soon as we receive it, we will ship it out to you. Please note that if any part of your order contains a pre-order item, we will wait until your enti

Will I be charged extra taxes after my item clears customs?

If you live in Canada, Australia, or the UK, your deliveries are shipped on a DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) system, so you won't pay any additional fees when your order ships or crosses a border. Duties and taxes are calculated directly into your shipping

How are taxes and duties calculated?

Duties and taxes are calculated on a country-by-country basis based on the items purchased, where they were made, where they’re headed, and the total order value. This includes the sales tax in your country and duties charged for processing by your c